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Ira S



An Indy Theatre based in Montreal

Executive Producer & Artistic Director: IRA SOKOLOVA

GLEAMS THEATRE was founded in March 2004 by Ira S (Actress, Director, Musician and Composer) and Constantin Sokolov (Playwright,Theatre Director and Videographer)

​​The founders bring more than 25 years of European Experience from studying and working in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland and Norway in theatre, music and film. Ira Sokolova and Constantin Sokolov combine knowledge, European aesthetic background with energy and talent to produce, teach and entertain.

GLEAMS THEATRE has the following objectives:

Produce  contemporary and controversial plays focused on the inner world of the individual in modern society

Introduce new, seldom or not  yet produced  European, Canadian and American dramatic works

Produce flexible performances that do not require a specific theatre space.

Encourage young actors and technicians to gain experience in their domain


2004/2005 - Pilot Production - North American Premiere of The Guitar Woman by award-winning playwright Jon Fosse, directed by C. Sokolov

2010 - Canadian premiere of Callback by Bill Svanoe, part of the Off Fringe Festival St-Ambroise, Montreal, in association with La Tigressa Productions, directed by Ira S

2009 - Secluded Spots - North-American Premiere of My Child by British playwright Mike Bartlet and Canadian premiere of Riverside Drive by Woody Allen, directed by C. Sokolov

2008 - Montreal English premiere of The Bald Soprano by Eugene Ionesco, directed by C. Sokolov

2007/2008 - A series of short plays at the Diamond Bookstore, Montreal including the Canadian premieres of English Made Simple and Sure Thing by David Ives, and Miss You by David Auburn, directed by C. Sokolov

2007 EndGame by Samuel Beckett and the Canadian premiere of Central Park West by Woody Allen, directed by C. Sokolov

2006 - Beckett 100 - A Celebration of Samuel Beckett's 100th Birthday with 3 short plays: Play, Rockaby and What Where, directed by C. Sokolov

2005 - North-American Premiere of Mother And Child by Jon Fosse, directed by C. Sokolov


Produce music shows

Produce theatre shows for young audiences

Train actors and  musicians  through individual classes, group classes  and workshops

Most of GLEAMS THEATRE'S productions are reviewed by Montreal's media

GLEAMS THEATRE is a member of Quebec Drama Federation (QDF)



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