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Entertaining novelty in the city of Montreal! Salon Theatre Launch!




B i t e s   o f   L i f e

Three 10-minute plays by contemporary playwrights

Customer Service by Philip Hall

Stalk Me, Baby by C.S. Hanson

The Best Is Yet To Come by Ira Sokolova


Wednesdays and Fridays

at 8 pm

Reception - Meet the Actors after each show


Tickets: $20, Students $15                                        


Halloween special: all tickets: $10 - Friday, October 30th

Box office: 514-942-1253
Bites of Life exposes some very private moments happening in a very busy place, a hairdressing salon. The director’s concept about the show is to coalesce art and life into one reality. This will bring an exceptional style of entertainment and will give the audience a chance for a unique experience. The three plays included in Bites of Life present snapshots of what happens in our daily lives. The show is well-balanced between satire, romance and drama.

The idea behind Gleams’ salon theatre launch is to portray Ira Sokolova’s belief that if the artists want to keep the theatre fresh and attractive, they have to remove themselves from the traditional space and format and start performing at places where people go on an everyday basis. 


As a director, Sokolova shows a keen eye for character nuance, the ability to unearth the underlying subtext beyond the written page, and presents a dynamically staged vision of the text.
The show stars
Jane Fiske and James Benchimol
in Customer Service
Calder Levine and Sonia Soria in Stalk Me, Baby
Farida Bennach (hair stylists, owner of Coiffure 3)
Ira S and Julie Barbeau
in The Best Is Yet to Come
Set, Costume & lighting Design by Ira S
Graphic Design By Iramax Media Productions
Photos By Shahrzad Ghaffari
Enjoy the show!
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