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Written by C. S. Hanson

Directed by Ira Sokolova


Simultaneously: two beds, two casts- double your pleasure, double your fun!


At the 2015 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

Venue: Espace 4001 Space- June 13-21, various times - 6 shows only!


Gleams Theatre is excited to present the Canadian premiere of Where Were You When I Was Coming? Written by C. S. Hanson and directed by Ira Sokolova, the show will be part of the 25th edition of the Montreal St-Ambroise Fringe Festival from June 13-21, at Espace 4001 Space. Where Were You When I Was Coming? was first produced in Canada by Gleams Theatre last December as the inaugural show of the theatre company’s new venture, Hotel Theatre. Sokolova, Gleams Theatre artistic director, is honoured that the NYC playwright is looking forward to attending shows on Wednesday, June 17 and Thursday, June 18.


Where Were You When I Was Coming? is a fresh, highly entertaining comedy written in the 10-minute play genre that lends itself well to experimentation. Here, laughter turns into the realization of how fragile, confused, lonely and unsatisfied modern society can ultimately be.


Sokolova’s vision as the director as well as the costume, music and lighting designer of the show creates an intimate and unique experience for the audience. She explains her concept: “The setting is simple, the idea is intriguing –two beds, two sets of actors, one play. We find two couples; Katrina & Jeremy #1 and #2, both on stage performing and reaching the climax of the play almost simultaneously. The role of Carlos is portrayed by one actor who services both couples. There will be some scene ‘rewinding’, but most of the action happens at the same time with the two casts mirroring each other.” Sokolova clarifies, “The idea behind this format is to show audiences that though we are all different, we are still very much alike and what happens to me can happen to you as well.” As a director, Sokolova shows a keen eye for character nuance, the ability to unearth the underlying subtext beyond the written page, and presents a dynamically staged vision of the text. The threesomes are made up of young, talented actors whose various backgrounds and heritages bring a rich flavour to the piece. The play stars Tali Brady and Aldo Lopez as Katrina & Jeremy #1; Julie Barbeau and Tamir Kapelian as Katrina & Jeremy #2; and Boyan Djefersky as Carlos.


Sokolova enjoys staging contemporary works in unconventional or site-specific places, “I’ve produced, acted in or directed plays in an art gallery (The Guitar Woman by Jon Fosse, Victoria Hall); in a bookstore (Diamond Bookstore – four productions of 10-minute plays by contemporary American playwrights); in a bar (Callback by Bill Svanoe – an Off Fringe production at Club Lambi); and in a hotel- Auberge Hotel Manoir Ville-Marie, where this play was first produced to celebrate Gleams Theatre’s 10th anniversary.” Sokolova has more shows in the works for this coming fall at the same hotel. As well, playwright C. S. Hanson is in the process of signing a contract with a hotel in NYC for Gleams Theatre to present Where Were You When I Was Coming? this August and September.


C. S. Hanson is a writer and a playwright based in New York City. A small detail or an offbeat circumstance is what makes the emergencies in her plays engaging and irresistible. Hanson’s landscape is instantly personal but the conflicts are universal; audiences identify and invest quickly in her quirky world.



Gleams Theatre at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival (6 shows only)


Espace 4001 Space, 4001 Rue Berri


All shows 18+



Sat. JUNE 13, 5:30pm

Sun. JUNE 14, 8:30pm

Wed. JUNE 17, 10:15pm

Thurs. JUNE 18, 6:00pm

Sat. JUNE 20, 8:45pm

Sun. JUNE 21, noon


Running time: 45 minutes


Tickets: $10, Students $8 (+ $2 service charge)


Box Office: 514 849-FEST (3378),

Also available at the Central Box Office located at FRINGE Park (corner Rachel and St-Laurent) or at Espace 4001 Space as of one hour before show time.

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